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Health evaluations.

What. Was this like a... regular thing? They had never done health evaluations at Witch Weekly. So this was strange. Beyond strange. Maybe this was just as normal part of being employed in the ministry. She'd have to ask about that later, but for now the brunette made her way towards the room she was directed to. Luckily, it wasn't that far from her cubicle. Merlin forbid she had to walk up anymore stairs with these heels.

Of course, she did love the heels. Especially the little clunk clunk noises she made- which only grew as she neared the area.

Clunk... Clunk... Clunk... Clunk... Clunk.

As she stood around and waited for her turn, she took out her latest Witch Weekly issue out of her designer handbag and began reading.

Ew. She wore THOSE shoes with THAT hat? Disgusting.
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