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Health Evals?

Simon had seen the department notice...gotten his appointment time at his desk as expected but it was still not on his mind to go. He wasn't one for healers, having only ever gone near one when badly injured from quidditch or the job and the latter was mostly because as security he tended to go near anyone in the ministry. And okay, when he was looked at after being possessed by a pirate ghost for a better part of a school term.

Maybe that was the cause of the reluctance.

Because otherwise he was fine and had nothing to hide. Or rather nothing to find wrong with him. Still...he had noticed others in the department heading in the direction of the technology center and debated, finally leaving to head up there when it was time. With minutes to spare. And his gait casual as he walked to the desk, not revealing any lingering suspicions that typically dwelled in MLE employees.

"Simon Bennett..." he stated simply, giving his name as he waited to be checked in.
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