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Originally Posted by Ravaora Silverkin View Post
That was the most precious thing; the woman could still smile. There was hope for her yet. This place had not taken its full toll and Ravaora would see to it that she and everyone else got the medical attention they were in desperate need of. Where were the Ministry Healers? Lost, clearly lost. It must have been the memory loss. They would need checking too but for now she would focus on saving this life if she could.

The Healer scooped the book off the table and flipped through it. "Ah yes, you're right here, please come with me and we'll have you checked. Not to worry, you're in the best care. Dying is not on our agenda." HAVE NO FEAR.

She gestured to the next room then headed off herself. While she waited on the inside, she began reviewing case files though she was sure she already knew what was wrong with this one.
Alysson nodded again while her gaze dropped to the book the other woman was holding. "So how long are you here for then?" She asked politely, trying to make smalltalk. And she wanted to see if she talked like that slowly all the time. Ah good, yes, but she DID in fact have an appointment. Or so the book said. Good-

.......excuse me what?!

"I don't believe I'm dying." She gave the Healer a strange look, automatically following her into the adjacent room. Was this check-up really about not DYING? Was anyone sick? Was there some kind of contagious disease going around the Ministry? What had she missed? Why had no one told her?
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