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Curiosity killed the cat, and roadkill was ever so interesting, so naturally she had to have a look.

Emily was aware of her appointment time, and had initially opted to ignore it - this was something which required very little skill and next to no need for patience. It would have been only too easy. But considering this was an initiative the whole Ministry was to undertake, and because Gavin had always complained about her diet, and Zeke about her sleeping habits, it seemed only fitting to prove them both wrong and get a clean bill of health.

The Department Head arrived in the technology lounge, observing those gathered there. With her hands in her jacket pockets, and a casual stance, Emily offered the nearest Healer-looking figure a faint smile and announced herself. "Emily Browne, Level Two, I'm scheduled for an appointment in ten." So get on with it. Wow her.

There was noise, and there were familiar faces, neither of which she particularly cared for at the minute. Not when there was work to be done, and this was an inconvenience she could have done without.

Maybe she should have skipped it. Was it too late to leave?

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