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Originally Posted by Ringo View Post
Poor dear? Ronnie glanced up, puzzled. She quickly glanced around herself to see if the woman had been talking to someone behind her but it seemed like there was not many people near she could have been talking to. Turning her attention back to the lady at the table, she studied her. "I'm afraid I don't understand?" she said, cocking her head slightly. "What must be awful?"

Didn't understand?? SHE WAS LOSING BRAIN FUNCTION!!! Oh deaaar, oh dear oh dear oh dear. "It will all be explained in a minute, if you'd just follow me into the examination room we can get you checked and sorted before your brain dilapidates further." All said in a ridiculously slow voice to be sure the woman comprehended. Did she mention she was an expert at this? This one had no need to worry.

"Please step this way." She said, gesturing to the room on the side. Then they could get down to business.

Originally Posted by Zoe View Post

Out of the blue, a woman healer then came by and started touching foreheads ... and then his face. This wasn't part of the examination, right? Why were her hands still holding onto his face? Should she have let go by now? And what was she going on about a dictionary for?

Tancred just stared. Everything was going to be alright? Oookay then. "Yes, I have an appointment," he told her. He wouldn't be here if he could get away with it. "And I am feeling well. But I am afraid I won't be able to tell you how many fingers you're holding up with your hands on my face." Were they sure it was the Ministry employees that needed to be evaluated? He wasn't a healer by any means, but he was positive a certain someone had escaped a long-term residence ward.
Thank Merlin he had an appointment. Even if she hadn't noticed him he would still get himself checked and now she would personally see to it because this was alarming. The man had no idea just how worried he now had Ravaora but she was good at what she did. Her eyes widened at the confession he couldn't tell her how many fingers she had up. "Poor sight, it's an early sign of O.O.P.S--not to worry we can get you a seeing crup now I insist you come with you before we have to remove your eyes and replace them with sanitized gulf balls." She'd been told it hurt but some people were just so whiny.

Finally she dropped her hands and gestured to the examination room. "Death is no joking matter and you've been playing dangerously with it. This way." She led the way to the room and waited on the inside. Why wasn't he moving faster?? Impaired movement as well???? WHAAAAAT?????

Originally Posted by Expecto-Penguin View Post
Jasmine came here a little late. He noticed a few people were here before her. As she made her way, she didn't feel so nervous. I mean she was healthy the whole time working here. She hardly got sick. But it was the protocol and every member had to do this. So she shall do it too. She went to the front of the line and looked through the papers to check in. "Alright where I am...?" she asked skimming through all the names. Merlin this might take a while.
It didn't take long for Ravaora to see this one was lost. Looking but not truly SEEING. That would explain why she was flipping through the book as if she'd lost her shadow in the pages--had she? There was a disease with that one written all over it. As she approached, she cleared her throat so as not to alarm the young woman then cause mass panic within the room and have everyone throwing desks and chairs. Those were horrible times. "No need to check the book. I'd rather you come with me right now. This clearly can't wait." And what was numerical order anyway when you were tending to the DYING??

Originally Posted by Magical Soul View Post
If the woman wasn't intensely looking at him with sparkly eyes as if he was about to fall off a cliff, he wouldn't have guessed she was addressing him. Was the gasp really necessary, too? He looked at her dumbly, which was achieved with difficulty because prosecutors didn't look dumb at all, and froze in his wandering. "Uh." Crumbling? "I'm-- I'm quite fine, actually, ma'am. I think. Is it my eyes, I haven't slept very well yesterday but I think-- am I sick?" Okay, she may or may not have increased his buried paranoia a tad.

Those were supposed to be professionals, right? The kind that could detect diseases the second they laid eyes on a person and all that jazz. Well, consider him very, very paranoid right about now. Vic headed towards the lady to do whatever to check in. BEFORE HE "CRUMBLED".
Just LOOK how confused the man was. He wasn't all that here in the head. Off on another planet perhaps? Venturing off with the dead while his hollow body remained to look haggard and unkempt. Surely there was still hope for him but just how much? And just listened to the way he went off on that tangent, rambling--did he say lack of sleep? He eyes grew wider than possible by this point. "YOU ARE RIDDLED WITH DISEASE, HOW ARE YOU STILL LIVING???" Forgive the shock but SIR.

He was coming toward her, sick as he was and Ravaora put on a brave face. If this was the day she caught a contagious disease while trying to help the masses then so be it.

The Healer reached out, grabbed him by the shirt and proceeded to pull him into the exam room. No wait for the dying; they may not be here long.
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