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Originally Posted by Govoni View Post
The SA Department Head had been perfectly fine, considering he was going to fake these evaluations.......That was...until one of THEM just HAD to rear their unnecessary heads IN THIS SPACE. Anthony eyeballed the St. Mungo's Healer with barely concealed disdain.

It looks could crucio...

Making sure they weren't being overheard, Anthony plopped down into a seat.

"As you can see.....they're insane." He listened carefully, trying to gauge where THAT woman was at the precise moment. The shrieking would've difficult to NOT hear, of course. So, he didn't need to strain too hard. No, no...Still dealing with others. Anthony could hear it now.

"Here's what we're going to do...I'm going to check your vitals. Then, I'm going to ask you a bunch of random things, jot your answers, give an analysis...and you'll be on your way." No, the questions weren't going to be the least bit serious. No, he wasn't going to give a real diagnosis. No, a single care was still not being given on this day.

Slipping on a pair of latex surgical gloves, he pulled his wand and gave an apologetic look.

Stepping back out into the makeshift waiting area, Anthony gestured to Jose Mora. Merlin, he would attempt to prevent as much humiliation as he could.

There was an obligation to do so, considering the role he was being forced to play in this madness.

"Please hurry before you are spotted..." that crazed woman.

Anthony's eyes snapped to attention as Aron entered the tech lounge. He was still too frustrated and angry to appreciated the man's face. What was this? When had his job gotten THIS stressful? Oh, yes! Anthony properly recalled now...Two days ago.

The glare he doused the St. Mungo's Healer with was unapologetic.

Shifting it between the St. Mungo's person and his fellow Department Head, he snatched a seat, hoping to properly display his displeasure. There was literally nothing he could do...since the DHs were priority. They'd insist on seeing Mr. Ashburry-Hawthorne themselves.

Looking up from his chair he heard the man talking about hurrying up and it looked like he was talking to him. "Me?" he asked but before he could answer he was out of his chair and he moved his way to him. "where would you like me to go?" saying as he finally reached him.
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