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SPOILER!!: January!
Originally Posted by sarahlooo View Post
January caught glimpses of the other nurses and was slightly glad that she was not in with any of them. She tried to block out the noise of the others, too. However, once Anthony started talking, she wasn't sure how comforted she felt with him, either. He sounded like he was going to BS the whole thing and let her be on her way, but she had gone into this thinking it was going to be a real medical exam...

"Where did you go to school for this?" she asked curiously, eyeing his latex gloves momentarily. He didn't sound very professional. And that look on his face didn't exactly comfort her either.

Anthony, who had actively decided NOT TO give a single care today, began by checking vitals. No, he supposed he didn't sound very professional at the moment...but one would have that when they were at the absolute end of their rope.

Merlin, and the evals had just begun.

"I attended University in Greece." Anthony didn't need to be secretive about his previous studies and work history...if she was concerned about his credentials. It sounded that way. Finishing up the vitals check, Anthony pulled her file and wrote a few things down. Oh, that was another massive invasion of privacy. These records...

"I completed my Healer training at St. Mungo's."............and that was enough of that. Anthony didn't like the reminder. Especially after THIS. "Your blood pressure is a little high." Just so she was aware. It wasn't alarmingly high...but high enough that it could've been greatly exaggerated by any one of the other Healers.

After writing a few more things down, he removed the gloves and took a seat. "Are you comfortable?"
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