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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
While waiting to be checked in - Merlin, they just LOVED to keep you waiting giving her more reason to believe this was a conspiracy for others in the party to do a search of their levels while the employees were in one area - Alex noticed a couple more people from her level join them. First Ronnie, her head's assistant, to which she offered the redhead a friendly smile and then one of them creatures people who'd she seen around when he started working there.

She shook her head at the creatures employee. "Merlin only knows, but if its our heads then I think they'll find their psychotic wards filled up quite quickly." And the Ministry will be without employees, which might be want they want? "You ... uh, this ... this might be really dumb, but you don't think this is a conspiracy, do you? St Mungos getting all of us down for these so-called evaluations, whilst they go search our workplaces for .... something?"
Originally Posted by Ravaora Silverkin View Post
HE WAS USING WORDS THAT DID NOT EXIST!!! Obviously the poor working conditions here had turned his brain to mush and he could no longer access the vocabulary his brain had spent years developing. The injustice, it was enough to HURT and Ravaora could only take the man's face in hands and go, "It will be alright. We'll make you better again and I might have an extra dictionary on hand as well."

Never fear Sir, the Healer's from St. Mungo's were HERE. "Do you have an appointment? How are you FEELING?? How many fingers am I holding up??" Though she hadn't released his face to reveal fingers.....ahem.
So the woman thought that all of this was a conspiracy, eh? The theory sounded a bit odd to Tancred, but he had heard and seen stranger things before. He shrugged at her and replied, "I don't know. This whole health evaluation thing does seem odd. But what would be the point of using it as a distraction while someone searched through the whole Ministry? I mean, wouldn't it be easier to just send us all home for the day?" If something fishy was going on though, he would bet it had to do with Mysteries.

He was about to say that this evaluation stuff was probably not that big of a deal. Probably just a random check-up to make sure everyone was healthy. After all, the two of them looked healthy enough to be in a working environment. However, the same couldn't be said for everyone else in the Ministry.

Out of the blue, a woman healer then came by and started touching foreheads ... and then his face. This wasn't part of the examination, right? Why were her hands still holding onto his face? Should she have let go by now? And what was she going on about a dictionary for?

Tancred just stared. Everything was going to be alright? Oookay then. "Yes, I have an appointment," he told her. He wouldn't be here if he could get away with it. "And I am feeling well. But I am afraid I won't be able to tell you how many fingers you're holding up with your hands on my face." Were they sure it was the Ministry employees that needed to be evaluated? He wasn't a healer by any means, but he was positive a certain someone had escaped a long-term residence ward.

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