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Originally Posted by Lislchen View Post
...................Alysson blinked, shaking her head slightly in surprise.

Was she one of the healers? Really? Why was she talking like that? "Yes." Okay. Focus, Alysson. She smiled at the other woman while approaching her. "Alysson Zookara. I'm from Law Enforcement." And she had an appointment apparently. Like, now. Or at least that was what the memo had said.
That was the most precious thing; the woman could still smile. There was hope for her yet. This place had not taken its full toll and Ravaora would see to it that she and everyone else got the medical attention they were in desperate need of. Where were the Ministry Healers? Lost, clearly lost. It must have been the memory loss. They would need checking too but for now she would focus on saving this life if she could.

The Healer scooped the book off the table and flipped through it. "Ah yes, you're right here, please come with me and we'll have you checked. Not to worry, you're in the best care. Dying is not on our agenda." HAVE NO FEAR.

She gestured to the next room then headed off herself. While she waited on the inside, she began reviewing case files though she was sure she already knew what was wrong with this one.

Originally Posted by Deezerz View Post

Wait. What?!

"Extend lives? Who's dying?" He glanced all around. Surely no one from his department. They all seemed healthy enough. They had to be. They were the DMLE. And he surely hoped she wasn't referring to him, although, he took her tone into account.

After signing in, he stood up straight. Hmm?

He was healthier than a dragon, m'kay.
As it turned out, he didn't know. He was blissfully unaware and it had the woman wibbling. It was the WORST when you didn't know you were dying. No plans to be made, no people to say your goodbyes to. The shame. "No one if we can help it. I'm sure it hasn't progressed too far--in fact we can fit you in right this instant if you follow me."

Ravaora reached for both his hands and took them in hers then gazed deep into his eyes. "I promise, you will live to see tomorrow. We are good at what we do."

Then just as quickly, she dropped his hands and headed for the room. "Follow me please."

Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
.... What?

Alex backed up when the woman just went and thwacked her hand on her forehead. NOT cool. Not COOL. And weren't you supposed to feel foreheads with the back of the hand, not the palm. Her own hand immediately went up to her forehead though once the woman's hand was removed. "I ... I don't think I've notice any colour, but you, you've done something. What's on the palm of your hand?" Yes, she was being defensive, but she did not like this 'healer' lady. Nonetheless, she followed her because the woman did seem edgy and off-colour (and yet was implying that she and her co-workers were the ones diseased. Something was clearly FISHY around here and it wasn't from the kitchens.)
Oh oh OH?????

Now she was feeling her own temperature too? Could she have been just as suspicious as to what it was she had? Must have been. Circe help them all, but she didn't have a fever so less to worry about. The Healer did pick up on the tone and in response leaned reeeeeeally close to the woman who was withdrawn--it must have been trauma!!!!!! Was she traumatized?? No doubt from the recent events within the Ministry.

"I'm afraid this can't wait. No time for silly questions." What was it to her what was in her palm, hmmmmmmm? "You'll have to come with me so we can get you examined and back into tip top working shape...otherwise we might have to have you institutionalized for the crazies."

Suspicious people were crazy. Fact.

Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

Clutching his appointment time parchment in his closed fist, he pushed open the door and stepped inside with a grunt. Yeah. He was here.

.........WHY were there so many other people here too? Oh bouncing blueberries had they overbooked for the same times? Merlin help him....

"Do Department Heads get priority in line?" he questioned, partly joking but also partly serious.
Another that wasn't using actual words? Just how many of them would they see today...and the way he clutched his parchment. It was like he was expecting an apocalypse at any second. The tension was real. His muscles must be so over worked, this constant living in fear.....Oh? A Department Head at that?? Ravaora glided over to the man. "You do actually. Running the madness you can't be all that right in the head yourself. No worries we'll take really good care of you."

Her eyes drifted to his clenched parchment again. "You need to let go...let it allllll out and come with me."

Yes, this way, as she led him off to the examination room.

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