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SPOILER!!: Jose!
Originally Posted by Grrr..Meow View Post
Jose arrived to this examination thing. It was very weird because normally he would just appointment with his own family healer but this didn't faze him if this was assigned to him then he was going to do it. Reaching the turn in the hallway he spotted the desk with a clip board. "okay let's find where I am " he spoke to himself. Flipping through it he knew it wasn't going to be no easy task, there were so many names he looked up to see if someone could help him find his name.

It seemed that Anthony was fulfilling the Healer role more and more, as of late. It had began with the Hogwarts aging virus....and now this. St. Mungo's in his place of business, strong-arming him and his team into this ridiculousness.

Merlin, if they were there for something specific, they could've just gotten to the point. Was all this distraction really necessary?

Outright refusing to don Healer robes, opting instead to stay in his sassy suit, Anthony strode into the tech lounge, glancing around at the changes that had been made. Merlin, they'd been serious, hadn't they?

...and someone was already there. "What level are you from?" He stepped behind the desk and considered the giant appointment book.
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