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SPOILER!!: Ariana/Xaria!
Originally Posted by JennMarie View Post

Ariana wanted food, she did and she was heading in that general direction with Xaria in tow wrapped up in a blanket. The child didn't like being cold not in the slightest, plus Ari thought maybe she'd fall asleep in her arms if she was covered. She looked down and stroked her child's cheek with her thumb as she weaved through the crown. "go to sleep, princess. it---"Thoughts were interrupted as she heard a voice.. a very familiar child's voice. Turning to her left she blew some of her black hair from her face as she smiled wide. "Marilyn!!" She was waiting in a line but Ariana really didn't care as she shifted the child in her arms and bounced over to the older former Slytherin. "Liv, you look precious." So cute!

Merlin, this energic child.

Marilyn could already tell this was going to be a long day for both of them...

...but THANKFULLY, apparently she had friends at this fiasco. So, Olivia could do her thing...and mommy could spend time with adults, which was so very rare. Like Ariana Logan...who now had a baby on her hip. The blond beamed at the now grown woman and then little Xaria. "Oh, she looks just like you, Ariana." Marilyn, of course, hadn't seen this Oakey boy...but he couldn't have been that terrible looking.

Congratulations, she supposed. "It's so good to see you...and this little one." Babies. Marilyn loved babies.

Olivia heard people speaking to her...but she only had eyes for Alice Fischer. Alice was so pretty!!....and she had BLUE eyes like her!! BLUE EYES. YAY! Not blond hair, obviously...but that was okay. She could still be a princess with brown hair...

SPOILER!!: Caroline/Kat!
Originally Posted by Saraie View Post
Caroline had already had it with her daughter this morning already. Phillip on the other hand was always so well behaved for her. And always helped her out. After many threats of "We're not going if you keep it". Her six year old finely got her act together. Or enough where they could go out in public without Kat making a seen. She had been a total wild child this morning. Jumping and running around the house and on everything that was going to work at a public event.

So she took the kids to the park before coming here to get some of Kat's energy out. It had worked for the most part. Except for Kat deciding to get into the creek up to her knees in the water. Over the years the blonde had learn to carry extra sets of clothes around for both of her kids. They always ended up need them at some point. Especially her two.

It would be so strange not seeing Jonny at the tornados table. But at lease she got to see Asher. Since she didn't spend that much time with the team anymore she never seen Asher anymore. They really needed to talk. So many people here Caroline grabbed Kat's hand. She looked around for a sign of Marilyn and Liv. Spotting them and steered her family over toward her sister and niece. "Mar, Liv." She called out to them

Why did they go to the park before coming here? She hated to break it to her mom but she still had a lot of energy left. Mom would see. There were so many people here now. Now they would have to stand in long lines and be bored. While everyone else got famous quidditch players autographs.

She wanted Alice Fischers autograph because she was pretty even when she was playing. She also wanted Selina Skylers because she was a beast or that's what she heard someone say. And Ellie Stone the bestest seeker ever. And of course Carter!!! And uncle Asher.

Why was mum dragging her away from the players. "Mummmmm the players are that way." That way, she wiggled her hand out of her moms hand and was planning a mad dash back to the players tables. But a flash of familiar blonde hair caught her eyes. "Livy!" It was Livy. She ran to her cousin holding out her arms and hugged her when she got to her. Giggle.

...and look! It was her sister, niece, and nephew! Marilyn hadn't known they were coming out today...but she also supposed it was rather obvious now that she thought about it. Asher was present. The family would, of course, come out to support him. Sigh. Bless her and her frazzled nerves.

"Olivia is demanding to see this Fischer player." Scoff. BEFORE HER FATHER. It was so weird that Liv hadn't made a mad dash for the Puddlemere table. It was usually always like that. "...You look well. Where's Johnny?"

Kat had seen Liv and obviously had no words for her aunt. Phillip, neither. These kids. Inseparable. Merlin.

The only two people that could've pulled her away from THE ALICE FISCHER...were suddenly there doing just that. IT WAS A KAT. EEP. "KAT! YOU CAME!" Kat would understand about Princess Alice! SHE WOULD. "Kat!!! Loooook!!! IT'S ALICE FISCHER!!!" FLAAAAAAAILING.

.........AND Liv hadn't seen Phillip in FOOOOOREVER...BUT HE WAS HERE. And he'd said hello to her. Forgetting all about the quidditch players for a moment, Olivia flung herself at him. Yay cousins!!!

All her favorite people were here now...Aunt Carly, her mum, Phillip, Kat, Alice Fischer, her dad...Sniffle. Too bad Chloe was missing this. WHY HADN'T HER MUM BROUGHT HER?!

"Phillip, come with me to talk to Alice." She immediately locked hands with him, whether he liked it or not....and did the same with Kat's, because Kat wouldn't mind...and stepped up the table with BIG SHINING EYES!

"..........." Liv was simply staring at the woman, in awe. AWE. She was so pretty. SO CLEARLY A PRINCESS! " book?" Her voice was all breathless and shaky with excitement and nerves...and ALICE. ALIIIIIIIICE.

Marilyn was utterly concerned about her child fainting. She was monitoring the situation, yes; staring down this Alice player. The former She-snake supposed she was lovely enough.
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