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SPOILER!!: Jorge and cutie niece XD
[QUOTE=Bazinga;11637490]This was just so exciting! The seven year old zoomed into the tents, where had her mommy went? Well it didn't matter she had found Uncle Jorge and had his hand pulling him around. He knew the players, right? Being from Spain she didn't know them all that well, but they were professional players and she wanted all their autographs! There was the wasp again, the Spanish girl beamed and waved at him before heading to a table of players.

"Hola!" in her excitement she forgot to use English and rambled about autographs and pictures and how she loved quidditch. Things that the player probably couldn't even understand, but she bounced and looked eagerly up at him.

Jorge was more than thrilled to see his older sister and his seven year old niece had come to surprise his fiance at her big event. It was the sweetest thing and now he was being pulled around by a seven year old that had him wrapped around her little finger since the day she was born. Jorge hadn't been one that let women walk all over him, but this one, she could do no wrong.

So as they moved into a tent and went up to the first player she saw he chuckled, "Hello, I'm sorry, my niece doesn't speak much English, but she is super excited. Could you sign an autograph for her and a picture possibly?" This could be a good reason to get a quote for the article as well, "I work for the Daily Prophet, wouldn't want to give me a quote about how the days been going would you?" He needed to keep work even if his focus ed moved to fun with Isa.

Watching all the other players reunite with their old friends and fans, Arthur wondered if his friends from France would come visit. Pffff, of course not, they would not even know he had become a professional player. Looking back to the front, he found with a jolt that there was someone in front of the table. A KID. "Er.. Hola?" Arthur replied. That was hello, right? But what she said next meant absolutely nothing to him.

Help came fast! A man was pulled into the tent along with the girl. Wait, what if he starts talking Spanish too? The nineteen-year-old mentally sighed in relief before concentrating on his first fans. He nodded, listening. He could definitely tell that the girl was excited, and gave her a nervous smile. "Sure-o." Arthur picked up his quill. "Could you ask her whether she wants something specific written?" He asked, pausing. Yep he was nice.

Before he could get to the photograph part, the man said something that made the Chase look up in surprise. He wanted a quote? From Arthur? Merlin. Glancing at the other famous players at the other tables before saying, "It has been a fantastic day, meeting fans and interacting with them. It was good to know that there are so many fans that love Quidditch and support the teams." Ugh that sucked.
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