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Text Cut: Minnie!
Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
Minerva was carrying around Chloe now as Gunnar was getting wiggly in his seat. They all seemed to be having a good time at least she was hoping. Chloe was being a great baby just looking around and sleeping. She was way to young to even realize things were going on, but she knew the colors and images would give her some simulation. After stopping to feed her and get the rest of the family food and Gunnar a few cookies they made there way into the autograph tents. It was so busy, but she had a certain table she wanted to see.

Her eyes scanning the area and following the alphabet down she found the Tornado's. Smiling she bent towards the stroller, "Gunnar look it's Uncle Alec." There were so many fans near them she wasn't sure if they would get a good chance to see him or not. Spotting Wade as well she got excited to see her friends and of course get a picture with them and the kids. Staying in line and waiting until their turn she grinned once they were at the table. "Hello, I've been a really big fan of you both, honestly I've followed you since you were both Hufflepuff. I was really hoping to get your autograph and maybe a picture with my children." Did she sound like a crazy fan? She was at least trying to in case they hadn't looked up yet to know it was her. She chuckled and then noticed Ella, "Hi Ella." She glanced at Ethan with a big smile. Did he know how much fun she was having? It was a much needed day with her family and seeing old friends.

He heard it. He heard the words 'Uncle Alec'. Where had it come from, though? He didn't know. And he had thought he was just imagining it until...

... "Minnie! Ethan!" GRIN. This was GREAT! Like a little reunion. "You've been a really great support, you know. Even at Hogwarts." Like a pseudo-older sister should be. Nodnod. "How are you two, by the way? Everything okay?" Because he still remembered the accident and he didn't like it one bit.

And did she say CHILDREN?! "Hey Chloe! Hey Gunnar! How's it going?" Of course pictures were going to happen but... could he possibly give them hugs too? Favourite Uncle perks?

Text Cut: Wade!
Originally Posted by Charely Potter View Post
As for Alec, Wade couldn't help being happy for his best friend as his fans were going up to him. Seekers always got the most fans and he was perfectly happy with that, as he put one fan above the others.. that was so casually mentioned, "Oh yeah.. Indy's resting at home." He was sure Alec would figure out the why on that. "Now where's your number one-"

Indy's resting at home? Yeah, Alec understood why. He even grinned and nodded his head in approval. Relaxing was good in times like this, yeah? "Congrats again, by the way," he said, nudging the boy gently, "You must be really excited!" And... this meant that he needed to go shopping for baby clothes as well as start writing a Best Man's speech. Maybe he could get Nigel's help with the second thing once the Hogwarts situation was sorted out and once Nigel had done his NEWTs. Puns, you know? People liked that.

"And you know, Alec's not a bad name for a kid." Hint hint, Curly Wade.

He was joking.

And for his number one fan...

Text Cut: Ells!
Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
Was that big smile for her? Because the boyfriend person looked especially happy right now and if it wasn't for the table separating them (and, y'know, the fans), she would have kissed his face right now. LOTS of kisses. Lots and lots and--yeah. Adorable Alec Summers was adorable and it wasn't even fair.

"I'll come there for hugs. You just sit and look pretty, superstar." Kidding, she was. Only not about the hugs part. She definitely wanted hugs. And so the blonde weaved her way through the crowd, a sea of 'excuse mes' and 'pardon mes' in her wake.


And yeah, that big smile was for her. It was natural instinct, you know. It made him happy to see that she was happy. Which... she was, right? He didn't have any gummy worms on him but he did have hugs, which she was coming for. Pity there were people here, which meant no kisses.

"I..." Merlin, Ella Bishop, did you have to say that?! Pretty and a superstar and... a very sheepish expression crossed the nineteen year old's face. It just wasn't true, yeah? He was still the same Alec Summers. "You shouldn't tease, Bishop. It's not nice."

Text Cut: RUBY XD
Originally Posted by Tegz View Post
"They call me Ruby. Ruby Banner. Its SOoooo nice to meet you." She said, with sweetness dripping from her voice. She crossed one leg over the other, still perched on the edge of the table right in front of the Tornadoes. Center stage pretty much. If a table could be a stage. Two more had arrived too, Asher and Cameron, only they weren't paying attention to HER, a FAN, they were more interested in their own teammates and other teams and why weren't they paying attention to herrrrr? She pouted a little but got distracted a second later because oooooerrrrr hot Frenchy was here! And she knew what Bonjour meant! That was helloooo! He was saying hello to herrrr! She giggled a little and offered a teeny finger wave. Helloooooo.

The one with the hair -Wade- was saying things now. She always thought that was a fitting name for a Quidditch player, since he probably had to wade his way through fangirls all the time. Not her though, since she was sitting ON the table and all, she was noticeable right? And not one of the masses? Right. She leaned forward at the waist, hearing him talking about HER to Alec (Spiffy? Did she WANT to know?). "Oooh don't worry, you can be my favourite too." She was sooooo nice.

It was getting busier in the tent now, which Ruby wasn't so fond of, mostly because it meant her one on one time was likely to get interrupted. So she figured she better make the most of it and stuff. GASP. AND NOW THERE WERE OTHERS PUSHING IN LIKE THEY THOUGHT THEY HAD DIBS. THEY DID NOT HAVE DIBS. How rude! Real fan here and stuff!

"Ohh." Dramatic siiiiigh and a shifty peek at Beck's water bottle. Was the Frenchy a gentleman? "I am soooo thirsty all of a sudden, but the concession stand is so far away and I don't want to lose my place in the line before I get autographs from all my favourite players." Pout. "Whatever shall I do?" She was parched. PARCHED! Ruby fanned herself a bit and apparently swooned some too, because obviously if she was feeling faint and all someone would have to be suuuper helpful and either share water or give it to her, or even go fetch her something. All of these would be perfect.

And MORE people were showing up now and acting like they were all old friends. Like srsly this was for fans right? Not boring people that totally didn't matter and totally got to see (hot) Quidditch players all the time because they were friends or whateverrrrr. She had to get the attention back on her, clearly.

"Okay, which Tornado is going to sign meeeee, your biggest fan, first?" Ruby said, loud enough for her voice to carry. They should aaaall hear her. She lifted up the bottom of her shirt, exposing a little more midriff because obviously her tummy was the best possible canvas for Quidditch Player Autographs. Don't be shhyyyy boys! Step right uppppp!

"It's nice to meet you too, Ruby." He could call her that, right? Probably. She seemed sweet enough, from what Alec could tell. At least she wasn't one of those crazy fangirls he had been warned about. She seemed normal enough too, even if it was a little... flirty...? The nineteen year old could never tell with these--

... ... Well this was new.

The thing about crazy fangirls? ... Was she one or...? Because all of a sudden, skin was showing. Tummy skin. And the former Hufflepuff didn't know what to say or do about from blink a couple of times before looking over at his teammates slowly. She had a good question: which Tornado was going to step up and sign the girl's waist? Erm...?

Was it going to be him?

It was going to be him.

Picking up a Sharpie -- quills could hurt the girl's... skin -- Alec scooted a little closer towards Ruby. It was probably a good thing that she was sitting on the table and that he was bending closer to her waist so that he could try and mask just how flustered he was. Stay cool, Summers. Stay cool.

Scribble... scribble... scribble...

There. The words 'Stay awesome' along with his signature had been scribbled on the right side of her belly button. "What do you think?" he asked, leaning away again and putting the cap on the Sharpie back again.
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