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Default Wade, Alec, Ella, Ethan, Gunnar at the bottom with Minerva
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SPOILER!!: Arthur
Originally Posted by nanyjj View Post
He was ready to sign autographs for his fans. If he had any at all.

Arthur was not exactly early, there were fans and players AND a wasp present in the tent already, but none at his own team's table. He shuffled past the Magpies and took a seat behind the table. He was glad that his table was in the middle of tent, and did not catch much attention. Also, the Chaser was dressed casually, and probably looked more like a fan than a professional player.

He had heard that his fellow teammate, Ellie was going to be here. Looking around, Arthur noticed that she was not here yet. He had never probably talked with her before anyway, so the awkwardness he had right now would not change.

Arthur fiddled around with his quill for a while, practicing his signature. How embarrassing it would be if he did not have any fans at all.

This was just so exciting! The seven year old zoomed into the tents, where had her mommy went? Well it didn't matter she had found Uncle Jorge and had his hand pulling him around. He knew the players, right? Being from Spain she didn't know them all that well, but they were professional players and she wanted all their autographs! There was the wasp again, the Spanish girl beamed and waved at him before heading to a table of players.

"Hola!" in her excitement she forgot to use English and rambled about autographs and pictures and how she loved quidditch. Things that the player probably couldn't even understand, but she bounced and looked eagerly up at him.

Jorge was more than thrilled to see his older sister and his seven year old niece had come to surprise his fiance at her big event. It was the sweetest thing and now he was being pulled around by a seven year old that had him wrapped around her little finger since the day she was born. Jorge hadn't been one that let women walk all over him, but this one, she could do no wrong.

So as they moved into a tent and went up to the first player she saw he chuckled, "Hello, I'm sorry, my niece doesn't speak much English, but she is super excited. Could you sign an autograph for her and a picture possibly?" This could be a good reason to get a quote for the article as well, "I work for the Daily Prophet, wouldn't want to give me a quote about how the days been going would you?" He needed to keep work even if his focus ed moved to fun with Isa.

SPOILER!!: Robert
Originally Posted by Cinn-O-Bun View Post
Robert Chambers walked into the tent and looked around with a smile at all the people. He didn't see any of his own teammates but he DID see a sign that had his teams name on it. Shoving his hands in his pockets he whistled to himself as he wandered over to his table and sat on the table instead of the chair swinging his left leg. Part of him wondered if he'd see anyone he knew here the other part wanted to go back home to his wife but obligations were obligations after all.

He reached over onto the table and grabbed the beaters bat that seemed to have been placed as decoration. Tossing it end over end in the air with one hand and catching it easily he hummed Puddlemere United's anthem as he watched the lines and the various people wandering around.

After seeing their first Professional player and trying to find the best place for a bouncing seven year old, he moved on to the next table. The best part of not really having a favorite team, you could get all the autographs. His niece wanted as many as possible. She was just like her mother, loved the sport, and he was terrified with that. Watching his older sister get injured was enough, but if he had to watch her play one day he would. Once it was their turn in line he gave the man a smile. "Hello, my niece would like a picture and autograph with you. She doesn't speak much English, but she is so excited to see everything and meet all the players." He grinned down at Isa who was bouncing beside him.

Isa's eyes were going all over the place as they waited in the line. She was bouncing trying to see around the adults in front of her. This was an awesome team. She liked the colors and the players looked super friendly. The man had a bat, could she touch it? Looking up at her Uncle she rambled about positions, and teams back home. Then her brown eyes searched the area. "Auntie Mariel?" Was she going to hang with them? Not the she understood that her soon to be Aunt was busy running the entire event. Smiling brightly at the man she listened to words that she could only half understand. "Picture.. please."

SPOILER!!: Alec, Ella, Wade
Originally Posted by hermionesclone View Post
Text Cut: Ember and Manolo! :3

So... this was awkward. And Alec should know awkward: he was awkward.

The nineteen year old tilted his head and watched the two curiously. Did they know each other? It seemed like it. It was nice. Like... like old friends catching up. Maybe this was a reunion? Maybe. And the lady had nice hair, did she know? Not that he was staring, because... that would be creepy. But it was nice, the blue. He didn't think that he could pull it off. Nah! The dark brown was perfectly okay... right?

When he was finally introduced, Alec grinned at the woman (Ember). "You're not interrupting anything." Well... not really. Mr Quidditch Player was an interesting nickname. "Hey! It's nice to meet you too. Call me Alec," he said, holding out his hand for her. Because she might not appreciate hugs from a stranger.

His grey-blue eyes flew back to Manolo when the man started talking again. Wow? "Wow is right," he said, ruffling his own hair, "Didn't think I'd get this far but... yeah. This is great!" The early morning practices were... not. Definitely not. "That's good to hear. How are things at the Ministry?"

The conversation turning to Awar made the former Hufflepuff's heart hurt. Why? Because she was all the way in France and seeing her wasn't possible. "Well... yeah, it's good that she's good. Do you think she has lots of friends over there? Are you able to see her often?" He had a lot of questions. Ones that he could ask later because right now, the other former Hufflepuff was being awesome. "That's really nice of her, you know." Really. Mental notes to give her hugs was happening.

Meanwhile, Alec picked up a quill and wrote down the following:

... ... No!

Was it...? Was it REALLY...?!


Alec's eyes were initially wide but then a slow grin started spreading across his face when he realised that the blonde girl standing not too far away and waving at him was someone he knew very well. And he couldn't help it either. Enthusiastic waving was happening. All thoughts about looking cool in front of the fans were gone out of the window because his biggest fan was standing right there.

And he was wearing a silly grin, too. Her fault. Obviously.

"Are you going to come here for a hug or should I come there?" And why hadn't she told him that she was coming? He would have waited for her.

Minerva was carrying around Chloe now as Gunnar was getting wiggly in his seat. They all seemed to be having a good time at least she was hoping. Chloe was being a great baby just looking around and sleeping. She was way to young to even realize things were going on, but she knew the colors and images would give her some simulation. After stopping to feed her and get the rest of the family food and Gunnar a few cookies they made there way into the autograph tents. It was so busy, but she had a certain table she wanted to see.

Her eyes scanning the area and following the alphabet down she found the Tornado's. Smiling she bent towards the stroller, "Gunnar look it's Uncle Alec." There were so many fans near them she wasn't sure if they would get a good chance to see him or not. Spotting Wade as well she got excited to see her friends and of course get a picture with them and the kids. Staying in line and waiting until their turn she grinned once they were at the table. "Hello, I've been a really big fan of you both, honestly I've followed you since you were both Hufflepuff. I was really hoping to get your autograph and maybe a picture with my children." Did she sound like a crazy fan? She was at least trying to in case they hadn't looked up yet to know it was her. She chuckled and then noticed Ella, "Hi Ella." She glanced at Ethan with a big smile. Did he know how much fun she was having? It was a much needed day with her family and seeing old friends.
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