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Legend wash hungry. Soooo hungry. Look at him! He was wilting away! Wilting away to a nothing! He was practically about to disappear. Poof into oblivion and whatnot. The Auror had after all only eaten about half a dozen eggs for breakfast, and he was a growing boy! Er- well not really anymore. But still.

After patrolling all day. It was finally lunch time! Well...not really but close enough to lunch time.

After getting a bacon sandwich and a bottle of water, Legend made his way over to the dessert table. Because what was almost lunch without dessert right?

Legend was about to grab the very last piece of blueberry cream pie but someone beat him too it. Like....what? Unacceptable. "Hey- that pie-" He pointed to her plate. Whhhhy did she already have so many? "-The blueberry one-that's mine." Gimme please.


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