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Originally Posted by grangerfan8 View Post
"Yes, Miss Lockwood. You are both my interns for this summer." Quincy strolled into the owlery at promptly the time he'd written for his interns to arrive. They were early which was good on his part, meant he didn't have a lazy bunch this go around. Clasping his hands in front of him, he looked between the pair decisively. "I'm the manager of the owl post office, later you'll be meeting the assistant manager, but until then, lets get to work shall we?" He motioned for them to follow him to the supply closet.

He swung the door open, holding it for them to glance inside. "You're going to start with organizing this closet. It's gotten cluttered over the past couple of weeks, and needs tending too. I've left a list of where everything goes, as well as rags to wipe down the shelving before reorganizing. If you need any assistance, my office is not far. Try to keep the owls out of here." He glanced over at the birds flying high above their heads before looking back at the kids and motioning them inside the closet.

OOC: Have fun with this assignment guys, get to know each other and get creative with the cleaning/organizing. It'll be a few days before we come get you for another task.
Originally Posted by PhoenixStar View Post
There was another male voice, and this one said that they were his interns so he must be the boss man. Forgetting the guy that still had not shook her hand, she turned her attention to the man who was now talking. Hannah couldn't help but to feel like she was being sized up. She chewed on her bottom lip as she waited for her boss to finish talking.

Well, this one was planning on getting right down to business. It looked as if there would be no funny business here. No time to shake hands or anything. "Yes sir." was all she could manage before the man motioned them to follow him. Hannah didn't actually want to work, but she was sure that would not go over well with anybody here. She walked over to the closet and peaked inside. Merlin, they were going to have their work cut out for them. It seemed easy enough even if it was tedious. She had to fight back to urge to ask him why he didn't just wave his wand and clean it himself.

"Sounds easy enough sir. I will get to it then." Hannah hoped that the guy she was assigned to would come in handy. She did not want to do all of the work herself.
He did not get to answer the girl as the man approached them and started talking answering the question in the process. So they were both interning here together. He listened intently and was glad to have understood everything said. Did the man talk slowly to his benefit? Either way it was appreciated.

So they had to organize the closet first. Didn't sound too exciting but perhaps it was a warm up. He didn't mind it anyway. The french young man nodded and stepped closer to the closet. Time to work.
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