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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

Ah, a man after his own heard. "All my employees call me it, so I don't see why not," he said with a slight nod of the head as he finally closed the door behind the pair of them. "I just have one condition. I get to call you Gavin."

"Mhmmm. Not Harmony, but the woman before her was the one to capture it initially and take it into Creatures custody," he explained to fill in a few gaps. Aron almost missed...what's-her-name. At least she didn't jingle while she walked and read your aura. He felt violated, somehow, every time the woman did that. "I'll send out a small team just in case. The muggle media would have a field day with this." And then with the flick of his want, the Australian charmed some parchment and his quill to write the appropriate memos to be handed out.

Health inspection. Heh. Good one. Aron chuckled at that.

"What? No big teeth?" That means there are more of these things running around...and who knows how many of them. At least two. Aron was good at math. Ha. "Afraid that is precisely what I am telling you. The creature found in our lab, we call it Mutant X, also had the same acidic pink saliva." He pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. He really needed to get his own lab rats on the job and investigating Mutant X. At least now for sure there was a starting point.

More saliva. Merlin help him.

"Better tell Harmony about this. I have a feeling that there are a lot more than just these two. There were sightings in Diagon Alley last summer as well, but then they just vanished."
"It's a done deal." Gavin answered. No complaints here. His name happened to be Gavin, go figure, it'd work perfectly. And how did he get everyone in his Department on a first name basis? Something in the coffee down here? He'd take some back with him to his level, his treat for his employees.

Ah, so there was an exchanging of hands where the mutant was concerned. Somehow this made him think it'd be harder to get definites on this thing. Records that weren't filed away after the former left, unrecorded characteristics that should have been passed on to the new? Merlin he hoped not. "Good idea. There were a few nosy Parkers trying to get a look inside even after the evacuation. Victoria had to draw the blinds." What could muggles possibly think was so interesting about a rat. They didn't do anything but carry germs and steal your food.

And then the worst was confirmed. More than one of them. If they were all as creepy looking he didn't know what he'd do--probably avoid Level Six. Seemed likely. His eyes widened. "That pink gunk on the floor was acidic?" Must have burnt a hole into the floor by now he reckoned. Oh dear. Aron's squad was sounding even better by the minute.

"I don't suppose you'd know if the thing was venomous or infectious?"

Maybe not because he was being told to head down to Level 4--hyvdjksfeayeidfis they got away last year as well?? They were in Diagon Alley? Gavin had questions that he wasn't so sure he wanted answers to anymore. "I'll make that my next stop." He sounded a bit distracted by now. Something he'd only just noticed. Memo"Yours still fly?"
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