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Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
Gavin was aware that there was more to his name but surely the man wouldn't argue that it was quite a mouthful. There was a small nod and a pause before, "May I call you Aron?" It was fine if he couldn't. Merlin knew the employees on his own level nearly had a heart attack when he'd asked them and just like then he'd be respectful of it and them and him and all this formality.

The wife arranging the office bit didn't surprize him. Women had a tendency to take over, transforming entire spaces in a single jolt of energy. His sister had already gone and rearranged his home office. He didn't complain. how could he?--

Come again? "Currently being held in Level 4?" He...hadn't been aware there was something down on that level. "I suppose..." He said a bit uncertainly. It could be that creature, had to be. How many other mutants could there possibly be. If the man was offering up explanations of origin then it had to be the same creature. Yes. "Just a few if any. The thing ran along the floor most of the time, no bigger than a rat." But uglier. This point couldn't be stressed enough. "I had the cafe evacuated under the guise of a health inspection, then a few of us from the Ministry attempted to capture it but somehow it slipped out..."

He nodded his agreement at the comment on the thing looking awful but stopped abruptly, giving the man a look as if he were strange. "Big teeth? No, no, I'd notice the big teeth if they were there, Newell too. They were normal sized and it's drool turned pink on the floor--think of a rat, small, no fur, wrinkly skin, beady eyes, slightly disturbing and quick." Were they even on the same age anymore? Of course this begged the question. "You mean to tell me there's another mutant out there?" One with BIG TEETH?? Merlin help them if these things were infectious.
Ah, a man after his own heard. "All my employees call me it, so I don't see why not," he said with a slight nod of the head as he finally closed the door behind the pair of them. "I just have one condition. I get to call you Gavin."

"Mhmmm. Not Harmony, but the woman before her was the one to capture it initially and take it into Creatures custody," he explained to fill in a few gaps. Aron almost missed...what's-her-name. At least she didn't jingle while she walked and read your aura. He felt violated, somehow, every time the woman did that. "I'll send out a small team just in case. The muggle media would have a field day with this." And then with the flick of his want, the Australian charmed some parchment and his quill to write the appropriate memos to be handed out.

Health inspection. Heh. Good one. Aron chuckled at that.

"What? No big teeth?" That means there are more of these things running around...and who knows how many of them. At least two. Aron was good at math. Ha. "Afraid that is precisely what I am telling you. The creature found in our lab, we call it Mutant X, also had the same acidic pink saliva." He pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. He really needed to get his own lab rats on the job and investigating Mutant X. At least now for sure there was a starting point.

More saliva. Merlin help him.

"Better tell Harmony about this. I have a feeling that there are a lot more than just these two. There were sightings in Diagon Alley last summer as well, but then they just vanished."
Originally Posted by pinkphoenix View Post
Acting Head Reminisciator? Jade's jaw dropped and her eyes widened. She had only been a Reminisciator for the past three years give or take and she knew that she had done her best with the cases that she had been given but this?!

Eventually she embarrassingly squeaked out loud, "Me?" But then she took a minute to compose herself and continued, "I would be honored to accept, Sir." Hoping that she didn't humiliate herself and end up not getting the job.
"Excellent," he grinned as he pushed the paperwork forward. "I just need you to sign this new work contract here. Nothing different from the initial one you signed previous besides your job description." He then returned himself to his usual laid back sitting position. "Cute squeak, by the way. You always do that when you are excited?"

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