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Originally Posted by PotterHeadforLife View Post
Kat was drawing random stuff because she was bored. Like a flower and then a pretty butterfly over there. She wasn't the best artist and nothing interesting had captured her eye. And then she started drawing a Golden Snitch, some Quidditch-related stuff. Oh, did someone say her name? Kat looked around and saw her faaaaaaavourite firstie. Well, one of them. "Hey, Caleb!" He got a smile for the Head Girl because that totally made things special.

.... And then he looked sort of sad. Did she do something wrong? Kat blinked. "You okay?" she asked. Why was one of her favourite firsties sad? Hoping it would make the younger Slytherin smile, Kat drew a happy-smiley face on the wall. Smile, yeah?
Caleb chuckled. Aww, how nice, trying to cheer him up. There was definitely a reason the Head Girl came from the BEST house ever - because she was awesome.

"Nothing, it's just hitting me how people are graduating and leaving and stuff, you know?" he said. He was sure she did. She'd had to experience this MANY times, and it was only going to get tougher from here on out. He'd have to deal with it - he'd find that Gryffindor bit of him and be brave.

"Are you excited to graduate?" he asked, trying to change the subject to a happy one.
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