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Originally Posted by Mischa Moller View Post
Drawing definitely was not his strong point. Give him the most complicated Arithmancy problems to solve and he would be able to do just that but this was beyond impossible. Mischa was surprised when Karina joined in but he really was happy. They were working on this together. He watched as she drew something in the shape of a triangle. "The sextant,'' he murmured. He continued to watch as she added the flashlights completely unaware of what Karina was planning on sketching.

"Ve can't forge the coins,'' Mischa stated and reached up to draw the bag in which the coins were to be held. In the process he accidentally brushed Karina's hand. Her soft hand......"Sorry,'' he said not at all sorry. He continued to work on the bag trying his best to get it to actually look like a bag.
Good. He recognized what she was trying to draw. "Yes! Exactly." Karina said more to keep his attention on that rather than the sketch of him coming together in front of her. She shouldn't be worried, he seemed fairly involved in the job of drawing their first task. In doing so he carelessly brushed her hand, nearly knocking her chalk into her other drawing. Luckily he didn't, otherwise Karina might have given away what she was actually drawing. "It's alright," she said quietly in response to his "sorry". Still she wished it had been more than a glance and that Cha had decided to hold her hand. *Sigh* She couldn't have everything after all. Karina smiled warmly and touched up what she assumed to be the bag that held the coins, adding a shadow to make it seem more like an object and less like an oval in midair.

The drawing of his face was coming along nicely too, his eyes were completely done, so was his hair and half his nose. She was still holding out on his mouth though.
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