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Originally Posted by lemon View Post
Oh, look. Person. Alice barely glanced up from the piece of chalk she was picking at, making a halfhearted attempt at drawing a stick person on the path with it. "'Cause." Good reason, right? She slumped a bit more, playing all the dramatics to accompany her grumping. This kid was a class one whiner. "I want to be over where the brooms are."

Even the roller rink or the gnome toss would have been better than bubbles.

They should have stuck the Hufflepuffs here.
Cardigan began to draw a lightly shaded rainbow, accompanying the girl's stick figure. It wasn't a very happy one, and it needed some light. Call her childish, but it was just her being her. She could be the most immature in the room, as well as the most mature. It could be one reason why she had skill in assisting others with their situations.

"'Cause what?" She asked, trying to decipher what the girl was saying. She didn't have much to work with from that. She would do her best.

"Oh, I see," Cardigan said as it clicked, the girl having explained her angst.

"Chalk and Bubbles not your thing, huh? Not mine, either."
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