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Originally Posted by lemon View Post
This was the dumbest station ever. Really. Why hadn't they thought to place all the Captains at the bumper broom one, huh? Alice wasn't very much looking forward to spending the day blowing funnily shaped bubbles and throwing bits of chalk at Mo and Kat and the other students. No, she wanted to be flying. Or eating. Or doing anything else, save activities for three year olds.


Needless to say, the Gryffindor wasn't feeling awfully spirited today. Still, she had grudgingly seated herself crosslegged on the pathway, picking at a piece of chalk from a wicker basket with her grumpy face in place.
In an attempt to put herself back in the mix, Cardigan decided to make an appearance at the event. She had been absent from Hogwarts for quite some time, having attended a small, private wizarding school in Germany. Although not in her best interest, she didn't have much say in the matter. They had been gracious enough to let her attend for the last few months of her sixth year and then her seventh, though.

As long as she was here now, that was all that mattered.

Scoping out the scene, she decided to head over to the Chalk and Bubble area, where a cross-legged Alice Fischer was stationed. She didn't seem quite spirited about the fact. Going as speedily as her stubby legs would allow her to, she made her way towards the area, making her perch on the sidewalk. Cardigan was skilled in cheering others up, and that was exactly what she planned to do.

"Why the long face, Fischer?" Cardigan asked with genuine concern, picking up a stick of chalk precariously. Might as well do something to occupy her time here.
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