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Text Cut: Emily!
Originally Posted by Hera View Post
It was all about timing- punctuality to be more precise, this was a quality that Emily revered. There was nothing worse than people being late, or early, or otherwise interrupting when they ought not to. So it pleased her that the prosecutor ticked all the right boxes... thus far.


Emily pursed her lips to disguise a smirk. Different. She was indeed that, but not the office... she didn't feel the need to waste her time decorating or personalising the space. It was her office, not her home (even if she spent more time here than her actual home), so therefore, it could remain as it was when she inherited it. "That's certainly something to consider," she noted Vic's assessment of her paranoia. But in truth, it wasn't the sole reason for the lack of... things... "I doubt my personal possessions would offer anyone much information, regardless."

She spared herself a glance at the two solitary portraits on the wall opposite; Van and Wes. To her, they were as good as family, both having supported her and shaped her into the person she was today. The rest of the dusty portraits had been taken down, though she hadn't gotten around to storing them, they simply sat in a box in the corner of the room, out of place.

Lacing her fingers together and placing them on her lap, Emily returned Vic's smile. She was about to ask what it is he wanted, when she remembered that she had been the one to summon him... perfect.
"So Vic," she started, making herself comfortable in the overbearing seat. "How do you like working here? I believe you've been with us over a year now..." She'd read his file, cover to cover, but it didn't tell her anything about how he had settled in, or what his thoughts were toward the work environment.

"Personal possessions do tell me a lot about the person. Though I need to know this person to an extent in order to get the right impression from those possessions." For example, the lack of any personal possessions here indicated that their department head liked her personal life and affairs to be unknown to the employee's body.

The subject change caused him to look back to her and sit a little bit straighter, he fought the urge to bring his ankle up on his knee. "Yes, few months over a year now." A smile etched on his mouth as he continued, "I hadn't expected to participate in one of the division's big cases right away, to be honest, though nothing in my profile indicates not to. It's been a challenge, and regardless of how things took a bad turn in the court, I think our team did their best and presented the case to the jury almost getting the defendant sentenced. Working on that case made me realize I do love working here, definitely better than my former job. Private corporations aren't that challenging.." He had closure to bigger and wider cases here. So intriguing.

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