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Of course she didn’t actually think Mo could drive the train. No matter how frustrated Kendall was with the whole situation, she knew she didn’t know how and she was the legal adult in this situation. It was all just thinking out loud, and the possibility that either of them could just take over driving was a nice idea. Easy would be better after the snake and the pixies, like they could start their break from thinking much earlier. Of course, it couldn’t be easy keeping them from ending up smashed to pieces at the bottom of whatever was beyond the mangled section of tracks up ahead and quickly getting nearer. There was a deadline coming quick, and she’d begun twisting the ring on her finger as she kept trying to think of anything that could keep that word from being way too true. She was even beyond believing that the quiz people wouldn’t put them in danger by now. Everything was down to her memory and coming up with the right charm to save them both.

Therefore, she ignored the little scoff, but nodded slightly as he had offered the suggestion that they needed to use magic. That was obvious, but at least him saying it meant that he was done scoffing at her attempts to think. She had to give him points for that. Maybe he wasn’t just the History of Magic expert here, although that whole speech about the Express was pretty much just another example of that. She’d known most of that, but it hadn’t exactly occurred to her amidst all her thinking about spells that could help. “That would only work if it’s really a spell that’s making it move in the first place. Isn’t it possible that the magic running the train isn’t really a spell but more just inherent magic?,” she asked, momentarily pausing in her train of thought as he’d climbed up to freeze the engine. She really didn’t want him to fall and ruin their track record of only minor injuries during this whole task, even given the possibility they’d end up crashing if she couldn’t come up with an idea.

Apparently freezing the engine wasn’t going to work, seeing as she could see that the Freezing charm had worked by looking out the window past Mo. The train hadn’t slowed down at all, and that only made her even more irritated. The idea that there was magic they had to utilize, or to deactivate, was definitely clear by now, but she still wasn’t entirely sure that Finite Incantatem would work. She had to think of something else and looking out the window wasn’t helping. All that did was keep telling her that they were quickly approaching disaster. Therefore, she intentionally looked away, even pacing a little in the compartment as she kept thinking, muttering spells to herself before something occurred to her. They wanted to stop, or at least slow down enough that they didn’t go flying off the end of the tracks. “Arresto Momentum,” she whispered, then turned to climb up on the windowsill as well. Pointing her wand at the frozen engine, she spoke again. “Arresto Momentum!” Please let this work.
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