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Thank Merlin for Kendall. Mo found himself suddenly freed from the firm and annoying grip of the Cornish pixies, and he had his partner to thank for it. He grinned broadly at her and carefully moved the pixies closest to his face out of the way before heading toward the back of the car. Snakes weren't worse than Cornish pixies, if he had to rank creatures, but they had certainly managed to overcome these creatures more quickly than the last one.

Maybe that was just because they were still figuring out how to work together in the last one.

"I'm thinking of that famous, and famously disappointing, Ravenclaw who also won Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award five times," Mo muttered to Kendall as he zipped past her toward the parchment on the far end of the car. He grabbed the quill waiting there and carefully printed on the parchment.

Gilderoy Lockhart.
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