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"Wait, Kendall," Mo put his hand on the girl's arm to keep her from continuing onward. The snake looked agitated, and Mo didn't want either of them getting attacked without any warning. He quietly pointed to where the snake had once again raised her head, hissing at them quite emphatically.

Did that mean they ought to go faster and get out of her way or move slower and not bother her? He decided that speed was preferred.

"Just... keep writing, and I'll try to stun the snake. If that doesn't work, maybe..." Hermione Granger had used a Blasting Spell, although Mo wasn't sure exactly where they were meant to be blasting the snake. Plus it might hurt her. He also knew he could try to vanish the creature completely, although Mo was too tenderhearted to have tried that spell in the past, which made it sort of a last resort. He preferred subtlety, anyway. "Stupefy," he muttered, pointing his wand at the snake and directing a flash of red in her direction.

Maybe he should just leave the spellwork decisions up to Kendall, since she was the expert.
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