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The joke had lightened the mood slightly, but Kendall still felt like there was something else about to happen. It was a challenge, after all, not really a game, but she still returned Mo’s quick grin as he had stepped up beside her into the compartment. There hadn’t been any reason not to, and it had helped make things even. They were partners in this thing, and while she still felt like she should take point simply because she was older, she wasn’t going to forget that he was there for support. That and they both were supposed to have their own specific skills to use, although all of that had sort of vanished from her mind as she heard the door shut behind them and then suddenly the train started to move. That startled her for more than one reason, but mostly just the fact she hadn’t expected them to move. Maybe it’s a trick though, she thought, glancing around the compartment as she flicked her wrist to retrieve her wand as well. She was there because of Charms after all. If Mo had his out, she would have hers too.

Her eyes narrowed slightly as she suddenly noticed a parchment floating in front of them, reaching out a hand to poke at it suspiciously. Of course there was a riddle. Things weren’t complicated enough trying to decide how a train that looked deserted had moved, there had to be riddles as well. “Okay…,” she said aloud, reading the message once more just to organize her thoughts. “The boy who lived’s gotta be Harry Potter, doesn’t it?,” she continued, glancing over and upward at Mo before noticing yet another parchment. Stepping closer to the second parchment, she jumped back again as she heard slithering practically under where her foot had been about to step. Nothing had attacked them yet, but she wasn’t about to trip over a giant snake. Staying where she was for now seemed like the best idea.
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