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Originally Posted by Gryffindoll View Post
Edric listened as Ella explained that the only way to get to him was by being a tiny ogre. He rolled his eyes at this. "I'm sure there were more sensible ways to go about it." As the girl then asked if he was mad, Edric merely stared at her for a moment before speaking, "Of course I am." How could she even ask?! "But I'm not going to hold it against you." See? Eddy could be fair.

As Ella proceeded to explain all the innocent, normal, average everyday things she had been up to, Edric felt a mix of relief and disappointment. Relief that there was no big scary secret he had to worry about, and disappointment for the same reason. What? Edric liked to worry. It was in his evil fairy godfather nature.

"Of course not," the boy replied when Ella asked if she should be worried about what he had been up to. Psh. Edric was an example of good behaviour and excellence. Or so he liked Ella to believe, anyway. He had to be a good role model. "Besides being cruelly pranked by you, working, and visiting Evelyn on the weekends, I haven't done anything out of the ordinary." He paused for a moment and flashed Ella the first smile of the night. "And I suppose I owe you a butterbeer." And with that, the boy left the table to fetch a drink for his old friend.
Ella got it, okay? Sure there were other ways to go about showing Edric how she felt about things but this was the first one she'd thought up. Wasn't he at least a little proud deep down in his ogre heart? No? Okay. The blonde frowned slightly and looked away, noticing Lex walk in. The Gryffindor got a smile before she turned her attention back towards Edric. "Sorry you're mad." But she was happy too because maybe now he understood how she felt.


She didn't buy the whole innocent thing at all. Not that she thought Edric was out robbing banks on the weekend or anything but surely he wasn't telling her the whole story. She stuck her tongue out at him all mature-like for the prank comment but otherwise kept pretty quiet. That is until she thought of something. "You two are serious, huh?" Him and Eve. She approved, of course. She was curious too. "How is she?"

And then he was off getting her a butterbeer and Ella smiled a little, eyes on her hands. At least he hadn't left her here. That was good.
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