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Originally Posted by Gryffindoll View Post
Edric tried his best not to look guilty, but he couldn't help turning his gaze away for a moment as Ella accused him of always thinking the worst about her. Fine, it was true. He looked back at her, trying to remain casual and unbothered.

Okay, so she had a point.
Maybe he did have a habit of assuming the worst, and maybe he was treating her too much like a child. But, he couldn't help it! To him, Ella was a child! She would always be. Despite their age difference being so insignificant, Edric had already, without realizing, taken on the role of guardian. He felt like it was his responsibility to make sure that Ella was always on the right track, always happy, and always well.

Yeah, it was weird because ogres weren't supposed to have feelings. Maybe the thirteen-year-old Ella he'd met at Hogwarts had fed him a potion that still held an effect on him to this day.

Then Ella was reminding him not to underestimate her.
"Underestimate you, eh?" repeated Edric with a raised eyebrow. He seemed a bit panicked. Oh gawd, Ella had some evil plan up her sleeve, didn't she? This whole thing had been staged to make him look like a royal fool, hadn't it?
No! No more jumping to conclusions! Edric had to be more cautious now. "What did you do, Ells?"
He knew she was right. She could tell by his face and it made her frown slightly because she wanted him to think the best of her at all times, not the worst. And though she would never admit this to anyone, she tried really hard to make him proud. Like...he was on her mind when she did things sometimes and she made the right decisions because she knew what he'd want her to do. So why was it so hard for him, huh? She just didn't get it.

And then he asked the big question, the one she'd been waiting for. The blonde sat up a little straighter and grinned. "I didn't do anything." Ta-da. "I just mean, I didn't do anything that you should be worried about." Nodnod. "I simply decided to show you that jumping to conclusions about me could hurt you just as much as it does me." Shrug.

"So you buying me a butterbeer or what?" She had come all this way.
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