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Post Daniel Radcliffe at "The F Word" Toronto Film Festival premiere, Sony Classics dinner

Daniel Radcliffe led the world premiere for The F Word at the Toronto Film Festival on Saturday evening. A video of the Harry Potter actor at the red carpet can be seen below. Dan also briefly chatted with USA Today about how many features he has debuting at TIFF, and how eager he is for audiences to see them, including Horns and Kill Your Darlings.

UPDATE: Photos of Dan with The F Word costars Zoe Kazan and Adam Driver, and director Michael Dowse, can be seen here.

"I've got three films. Benedict Cumberbatch has three movies. I'm not the only one, I'd like to point that out," says Radcliffe, 24. "You get excited. My films could not be more different. That's what's exciting to me. I've been one thing for so long. So far so good."

Is there anything he wouldn't do? "You'd have to write it first, and then I'd tell you. I can't think of something that would be terrible enough for me to say no," he says with a smile.

"I'm really excited for people to start seeing these films that I've done. I've been talking about them for a year and a half. It's been a long process of telling people how good they're going to be," he says.
Dan also attended a dinner hosted by Sony Pictures Classics, who will distribute his feature Kill Your Darlings this coming fall. Ralph Fiennes was also in attendance, as his feature The Invisible Woman is owned by Sony. Photos of the Dan with director John Krokidas, and of Fiennes, at the Creme Brasserie can be found here.

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