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Botros walked up to the dais, his cane was held with one hand as usual without really supporting him all that much. He had a serene smile on his face and noticed the new faces. "Good evening." So, like, he wasn't going to walk aaaaaaaaall the way along the table to shake hands with everyone. He wanted to save his energy for the food later, thank you very much. So instead he raised his cane in the air and made a huge wave with it, "Nice to meet you, miss and mister. I'm sure we'll have a better opportunity to chat later." Cane was lowered and he finally slumped onto his seat.

Just as he rested his walking cane on the edge of the table, he noticed the poster the Astronomy young man was showing to the others. Botros wondered what kind of mischief bizarre business the stars man was on this time but politely kept to himself. Then he spotted miss Romanos and Callie sitting a few seats away from him. He flashed them an extra smile. He wouldn't hear them over the students chatter, unfortunately. Or well, he would after a few tries.

Also. He moved his seat a few steps away from the Arithmancy's seat next to him. The woman could be still emotionally unstable and frankly he didn't want any closure tonight. Scoot scoot scoot!
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