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A path is not simply for walking, its purpose lies in moving forward and improving oneself.

The little boat trip had gone pretty smoothly if Nick had to say it himself. One kid tripped over a stone, the other hit her head in the boat and two kids had been simply annoying..smoothly! How he had wished some of those kids were already sorted so he could have taken points from the houses. He could take points right? It was one of the true main reasons he had taken the job!

Anyways, before the feast began, Nick had quickly changed his clothes in his hut to look more presentable and had dashed his way to the Great Hall. The new Groundskeeper stepped up on the platform where the staff table was and tucked a little on the sleeves of his suit. The sleeves looked a little bit tight thanks to the muscles in his arms but did he care? Naaah! He looked around first, wondering which seat was his. "Good evening everyone" he greeted.Did it really matter where he sat down? He would find out soon enough cause he sat down on an empty space and casually leaned back in the chair. He was back.
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