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Default Staff Table

by Victoria Bunbury (BanaBatGirl)

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The Hogwarts staff, some of whom may be attending their first feast ever, are already seated when you enter the start of term feast. Their traditional place is at a long table stretching across a raised dais at the back of the Great Hall. The usual Hogwarts crest hanging behind them has returned, even if it is a little frayed looking. The staff are also no longer using the drab paper plates and plastic sporks from last term; fortunately, the Hogwarts Board of Governors found the school's real silver silverware, heavy plates and goblets, and have restocked the school's house and staff tables with them.

Feel free to come up and greet the School staff after the Headmistress has given her speech... if you must. Remember your manners, children. Your professors like to have a quiet dinner too.