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Once he had finished the beginning part of the Gandr procedure thing, Ethan took his cut branch and headed back into the castle. He had a few other things to do that day.. classes, studying, prefect stuff.. but, once he had a free moment, he headed to his dorm room and pulled out the branch from his bag. He was sort of looking forward to working on this thing.

He pulled the book out of his bag as well and flipped to the section on runic wands. Alright.. now he was meant to strip the bark from the branch. First, he rummaged through his trunk, pulling out a small cloth and drawstring bag. Then, he sat on his bed, spreading out the cloth and tucking one leg underneath him. Holding the branch in one hand, Ethan took his wand in the other and began running it along the length of the branch, casting a shaving spell.

He continuously shaved the bark from the branch, allowing the pieces to fall on the cloth. Once it was suitably shaved, he walked over and set it on his windowsill, reading that it was meant to sit out in the sunlight and moonlight for a full moon cycle. That was a good place for that, right? Then he scooped up all the shavings and deposited them in the bag. He needed those for later..
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