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Text Cut: Ella
Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
Ella returned Oakey's smile and wave, relieved they were doing better now. She hated fighting with him, not that she'd ever admit it or anything. But still... it didn't feel right being angry with him. He was practically family and she wanted him around.

"Hi, Mr. Firth!" The blonde greeted cheerfully as she stopped next to the groundskeeper, eyes wandering from him to the cow and calf. She nodded at what she was being told and looked up again, a small smile on her face. "I've only got gummy worms on me, Sir, and I doubt it'd be good to feed her those." Grin for Oakey Worm for reasons. Heh.

"How's she doing? Truebee, I mean. ...Actually, are they both doing okay?" She asked as she approached the Mama!cow, giving the creature a kind smile.

He was happy to see her. So far she was the only student who had come specifically to visit the newborn calf. He understood. It was getting close to exam time and there was much to do for the students.

He grunted. "Eh, candy wouldn' be the best fer cattle, yeh're right." Hopefully Alexa Cambridge knew that. "So thank yeh." As for Truebee... "She's doin' jus' fine. Right as rain, I reckon. Growin' fast, too." He beamed with evident pride. "The whole family seems ter be adjustin' quite well."

Once Firth saw that Bonny was fine with Ella, he said, "'Bee is in th' enclosure over there." He indicated it with a backwards point with his head. "Yeh're welcome ter go pat her."

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