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Text Cut: Oakey
Originally Posted by DJ ExpelliarMOOSE View Post
"I'm usually on walk like this Everyday. Good exercise, I'd brave the cold too for walks in the winter. Only got one cold." Yup Immune to sickness Oakey was Immune Oakey....kind of. looked in the direction that Firth pointed. He noted the logs and also where the Baby Cow was. "Well I figured it's better than no logs which we started with. Let the unused ones go into next term."

Oh Whoa that was a loud Moo. How would Firth know what that Moo meant? Did he speak Cow too? You know what dumb thought, of course he did.

"Glad she approves. You want me to feed her anything too? Like ummm." What did Cows normally eat? Grass, that's kind of lame Bonny had plenty of that under her hooves. "...Hay." Oakey decided not to bother waiting for the answer and moved over to Bonny, and started to pat her on her snout gently.

Oakey looked over his shoulder and gave Ella a smile and wave. Mr. Firth would surely allow her to come visit cows? He and Ella hadn't properly hung out all term. So this would be a nice change before he...left.

Firth nodded. Yes, daily exercise was a great idea, even if it was just a stroll around the grounds in the fresh air. Immune to sickness maybe, but surely not to accidents and injuries. Because from what he'd heard, the Head Boy was quite adept at having problems with both. "Tha's true. Th' wood won' really go bad a' all." Nothing to worry about.

"Eh, she's bin grazing fer awhile now, probably not even hungry anymore. Plus she's sorta suspicious o' food she didn' pick out herself. Weird for cattle." VERY weird. "So she'd trust yeh more if yeh DIDN' feed her, I think."

Text Cut: Ellasaurus ^_^
Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
Ella had been wanting to see the baby calf since the birth but she'd been pretty busy with everything going on at the school. After spending a good amount of time flipping through her Arithmancy text, she decided she needed a break and what better time to go for a visit, yeah? Yeah.

The sixteen year old wandered down to the gated area and spotted Mr. Firth talking with Oakey Worm. She smiled faintly and approached, hoping she wasn't interrupting.

" there room for one more visitor?"

"Oh hullo, Ella," he said in a friendly tone. See, Oakey? Hufflepuffs go on more walks on the Grounds. "O'course! I was jus' tellin' Oakey here tha' he should pat Bonny fer a bit before yeh see 'Bee. Bu' don' try an' feed her, she's weird like that."

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