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Originally Posted by hpluvr037 View Post
"Tha's a good girl," he said as Bonny made her way over towards her human. "Drink up," he said, patting her gently on the side. "An' where's--?"

He never finished his question due to someone greeting him. Who was it? Turning towards the newcomer, Firth was pleased to see the Head Boy. "Oakey! Good ter see yeh! Yeh come ter visit Truebee or are yeh jus' on a walk?"
Oakey took the Groundskeepers greeting as his invitation to come into the Pen. So he moved around to the entrance and came in. Carefully closing the gate behind him. "I was just on a walk. Stopped by to see if you had anymore logs to restock our Common Room." Truebee was the calf right! Uhhh sounded familiar some how. "Could I see the calf?" Oakey asked. He didn't really have anywhere else to be right now.
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