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Ugggggggggggh. Mo had been up the stairs to the boys' dorm millions of times, but it seemed like there were more stairs than normal today. More stairs that kept piling up on top of more stairs. And then more stairs on top of that. He paused halfway up the steps, rubbing his brow, and discovered that his face was warm to the touch and sweaty.

That was so unattractive.

He finally managed to make it to the dorm room where he toed off his shoes, shed his outer most layer of clothes, and then face planted onto his bed. Mo!starfish. The Healer had given him a potion and prescribed bed rest until he felt better - which had seemed like it would take no time at all back six flights of steps ago. Now he sort of hoped he'd just die. In this bed.

And he hoped someone would feed Titus after he was gone. Mo somehow managed to get to his pillow, and then he was out.
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