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Default Divination HW - Evening Reading
Unforgivably Cursed | adultescent

After a long day of classes, homework, prefect duties, and trying to find just a few moments of free time, Ethan dragged himself upstairs to his dorm room and collapsed on his bed. He was exhausted, but he had one more assignment to complete before he called it a night. And it shouldn't be too hard, to be honest.

Sitting up a bit, he took his favorite mug off his nightstand, then opened the drawer of the little table and took out the remaining tea leaves he had stashed there for the Divination assignment. He threw the leaves into the cup, then cast a nonverbal Aguamenti to fill the cup with water, somewhat pleased to see that the stream was more than just a trickle now. He was getting better at it having practiced it so much lately. "Finite.." Then.. "Chaudensis.." A wave of his wand around the rim of his cup and he could feel the water heating up. He set the cup back down on his nightstand for a moment while he leaned back in his bed with his eyes closed to meditate.

He felt his cat, Elise, jump up onto the bed and climb into his lap as he tried to empty his mind. His mind drifted through the events of the day, not really focusing on anything specific, just all the things he had to do in a day. Clearing his mind was harder than he thought. Opening his eyes, he picked up the cup of tea and took a drink, holding his nose as he did so. He could hardly stand the taste of this cheap, bitter tea.. but he didn't have much choice.

Once it was all gone save a small amount of liquid in the bottom, Ethan gave the cup a few good swirls. Er.. he needed his little plate and he didn't have it with him. Quickly he grabbed a few pieces of parchment from his bag and placed it on top of his nightstand, dumping the contents of his cup over top of it.

After letting the cup sit upside down for a moment, Ethan picked up the cup and looked inside, grabbing his notebook and textbook as well so he could assess his findings. First, near the rim of the cup, there was a long, curved shape that reminded him of a vase. He flipped to the portion of the book. Hmm.. a vase supposedly told of a friend who needed advice or consolation. He could see that possibly.. he was always willing to lend a listening ear. Ethan wondered just who might need his advice in the next day or so.. and hopefully it wouldn't be anything too dire.

Next, Ethan thought he saw a shape that reminded him of Professor Elwood's office resident - a parrot. He looked through the book until he found the associated passage and read. According to the book, a parrot is often a symbol of travel but can also mean a meeting or conference. Interesting.. Ethan thought that one over for a moment. Well, he would be traveling to Germany in the near future, to go home for Christmas plus also be meeting with his family and relatives.. is that what it meant or something different? His tired mind decided to move on.

Lastly, Ethan saw another shape right in the edge of the base of his cup. He thought it looked much like a magnolia leaf, which reminded him he needed to talk to Professor Bentley very soon. Anyway.. he looked up leaf in his book. A leaf meant good fortune and good health.. well, that was pretty awesome for his future. One couldn't ask for anything better for the future, he thought.

The Prefect quickly jotted down his notes, then piled everything on his nightstand. He got into his pajamas, then climbed into bed, his Siamese curling up at the foot of his bed. It had been a long day and didn't take long for him to drift off to sleep. Morning would come far too early.

SPOILER!!: Ethan's notes
Rim: Vase - tells of a friend who needed advice or consolation - Present Reading
Middle: Parrot - often a symbol of travel but can also mean a meeting or conference - Near Future Reading
Base: Leaf -good fortune and good health - Future Reading
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