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Quidditch Commentator Sign-Ups!

Do you know the game of Quidditch inside and out? Do you get a kick out of public speaking? Are you looking for more ways to be involved in student activities? Do you pride yourself in the ability to think creatively on your feet? If any of these apply to you, perhaps you should consider applying to become a Quidditch commentator this term!

If you are interested in commentating in the stands at any of the six games this term, please fill out the form below and PM to it Grangerfn1 by Sunday, June 2nd at 11PM GMT/7PM EST!

Character Name:
Time Zone:

1) How do you feel about public speaking?
2) How would you rate your knowledge of the game of Quidditch on a scale from 1-10, with 1 being no prior Quidditch knowledge and 10 being a self-proclaimed Quidditch expert?
3) Would you be able to handle the responsibility of talking maturely on a microphone in front of the entire school?
4) Would you be interested in co-commentating with another student/staff member during a match?
5) If you answered yes to #4 and would like to commentate with someone in particular, please suggest them here:

For information on a Quidditch commentator's duties, please refer to Section 3 of the Quidditch Rule Book. Additionally, an example of superb co-commentating can be found here! Only those who submit an application will be considered for a commentator position, so please confer before suggesting someone as your co-commentator! Both students and staff may apply. Good luck!
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