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Minerva had just finished speaking when she heard the door open. Oh another student or maybe a professor must need the healer. Which wouldn't be surprising she was only there part time, so everyone probably wanted a moment of her time.

She didn't even get to turn when she heard and odd voice talk about don't mind them. Only be a second, what the heck was going on. Turning Minerva was in shock.. What a goblin just coming into the office. She felt confused and looked to Healer Tillstorm. Where they suppose to be here, but she felt like she already knew the answer.

Not moving from her seat, but making sure her wand was in it's holster close enough to pull if needed she looked to the goblin, "Umm. excuse me, but why do you need the desk? It belongs to Healer Tillstorm." They were known for taking things, right? Her hand went absentmindedly to her heart necklace that was always found around her neck. It was pretty much the only thing she cherished more then anything else she had with her. Putting her hand down quickly once she realized she told herself that the goblin wouldn't just take things like that. It had to have a reason for being here and saying what it was saying.

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