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She nodded as the healer spoke of OWL scores her small smile only faltering at the word charms. Sitting up a little straighter, Minerva’s fear settled a bit at the focus of academics. This woman wasn’t full of herself, but she was confident in the majority of the subjects she took her at school. Only a few made her uneasy and uncomfortable. “Healer Tillstorm I assure you I am a very hard worker in classes and that my OWL scores were all E and O in every subject you just said except for charm, which I did end up with an A, but as I stated before I had spoken with Professor Schirmer about this score and ways to bring it up since I am strong in charms as well. I have even seen Professor Knox already to help with some extra charms.” She knew when it came to classes she would do fine, that part she wasn’t worried about.
As she thought about the N.E.W.T scores another few thoughts came to her mind, “I was wondering of recommendations of the best university for the healing profession?” If there were better ones then ones that were just okay. “Also, I do know you are only here part time now, but if there was anything I could help you do or even just maybe shadow you once I would love the extra experience to get me started.” Keeping eye contact with the Healer Minerva was feeling a little more comfortable with her words and less nervous that the healer might hate her without even knowing her.
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