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Text Cut: Mika
Originally Posted by McFeisty View Post

Mika was watching Broc as he was in the field. She didn’t realize that he could smell that she was there – at first she had did blink in shock when she noticed Broc turn towards her and walk over to her. When he walked over she just smiled, and then laughed when she felt him drooling on her.

Oh god.

He was drooling over her hand. Quickly and expertly she changed the plants into her other hand and held her fingers out flat as her mother had taught her those years before. ”Hey Broc,” she smiled over to the rather large cattle. She tried to stay still as he attempted to eat the treat she had gathered for him – but that was hard his whiskers tickled her.

[b]”You have a beautiful…friend?” She didn’t know how to explain what Bonny was to Broc. But she thought that these two were both beautiful cattle. It was a part of her family life she had always loved animals, cattle included.


Good. The female was holding still again.

Broc resumed his eating. When he came to the end of the plant, he nudged the hand of the two-legs-round-ears for more. Seeing none, he let out a long MOOOOOOOOO to voice his displeasure.

Hearing the loud call of Broc, Bonny poked her head out of the enclosure and looked towards the sound. Was the two-legs-round-ears back to check on them again? No, it was a smaller female. SNIFF. Bonny cautiously took some steps toward the delicious smell, waiting to see if Broc would step away.

Thanks, Kitakins <3
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