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Text Cut: McFeisty
Originally Posted by McFeisty View Post
The fourth year had been aching to do this for quite some time. She wanted to ride Broc and Bonny last term - but as she reached the pen she just frowned. Pregnant? No visiting? That was a load of horse manure.

She wanted to give them, love, not indigestion. But for now, she was going to abide by the lame rules. Reaching her hand into the box next to the gate she picked out a few Scottish Primrose leaves and held them gingerly out in front of her over the fence.

"Hey" she smiled to the cattle was she wiggled the plant above the fence line. She just wanted to give them love - and maybe become their friends so that one day they would let her sit atop them and jump the fence. Yeah? That sounded like a plan.

Become friends with the cattle, fool cattle into letting her ride them...or just letting her into the fence with them...and possibly paint the fence a calming color. Like Robin's egg blue?

The smell of two-legs-round-ears wafted on the breeze. But... SNIFF. It was not the same two-legs-round-ears as usual. In fact.. SNIFF SNIFF. Yes, it was female this time.

Broc slowly meandered toward the fence, curiosity aroused. He-who-brings-food had been very careful lately about who was allowed near the pen. This was clearly a good idea, because Broc did not feel like having to chase off anyone from hurting Bonny or the young inside her.

He smelled a delicious treat and realized the female was attempting to feed him. He was not particularly hungry, but he was not getting his usual variety of food anymore, so he ate it, slobbing wetness all over the hand of the two-legs-round-ears in the process. The female began to make strange noises, but Broc ignored them. She was moving the treat, making it harder for him to eat it. This annoyed him.


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