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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Sarah Edwards

Gryffinclaw-Ravendor The REAL Hermione Granger

Sarah got off the train, and was kind of dispointed to be on immoblie ground again. She liked movement. She was in her school robes and all, yet school seemed so far away. She gathered her belonging, Angelina in her cage, also her trunk and satchel and looked around. She showed one or two first years where to go and she began to make headway towards the carriages. She knew it was kind of hopeless to go with a friend as she was no ones special friend. Penelope now had her boyfriend there and Alexa well Alexa had a lot of friends besides Sarah. Yet Sarah waved off that loneliness, she did have to be with a friend all the time after all, being alone enabled her to make new friends. With a brave smile on her face she made her way to the carriages. She was independent and all.

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