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Originally Posted by MabelleMalfoy View Post
When Zyanya mention about Rush, Aphrodite remembered what had happened in the Hogwarts Express and understand why Zyanya came out first. After a long journey from King's Cross Station to get to Hogsmeade Station, Aphrodite was tired but excited. Soon she will first set her foot in Hogwarts! While hugging Iris who had been hiding behind the cloak she was wearing, Aphrodite said, "Of course I'm very excited, Zyanya. How about you?" she asked with a cheerful tone, "Shouldn't we wait for Amara and Natasha first?" she added.

When Amara came out of the train only with Rush, Aphrodite just realized that Natasha was not with Amara while they came out first. "Did you see her?" she asked Zyanya. Without waiting for her answer she said, "Wait here, I'll be looking for her," said Aphrodite to Amara and Zyanya, "I'm leaving Iris to you, Zyanya. Thanks!" Further, Aphrodite hands Iris into Zyanya's hands.
Zyanya held out her hands to get Iris. "Don't worry. I'll keep him till you come." She said to Fro, smiling. She watched as Fro went in search of Natasha. Poor Nats. She hoped that the girl was not lost. She felt glad that Fro had gone to look for her.

Iris meowed at her breaking into her thoughts. She smiled and looked at the cute cat. She patted it gently on its back. Iris really seemed to like her.
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