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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Eliza Neladara Dawnsel
Fifth Year

In a hurry to get her poor owl out of the luggage compartment from the train, Eliza scurried through the throng of students and wedged herself in near the opening. Her eyes scanned the multitude of cages and luggage and sacks until they landed on her little stripey looking owl. She reached out a slender hand and snatched the cage up, pulling it tightly to her, and whispered, "Well hello Luna dear, how was your ride? Not completely dreadful I hope." She reached her hand into the cage and petted her feathers softly. Hearing the coo in return, she gathered that it had been decent enough, and that was really all she could hope for.

She smiled and tapped the owl's beak lightly. "You don't want to stay in this cage any longer do you?" To which Luna ruffled her feathers and shook her tail on her perch. "I didn't think so," Eliza responded and wrinkled her nose. "How about you just fly up yourself? You know the way by now," she said encouragingly and opened the door fully for the owl to exit. Luna hooted and chirped a quiet sound, then gave Eliza one last thankful look before flying herself over to the owlery.

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