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Originally Posted by siriusly_demented View Post

Isabel heaved her trunk out of the train,honestly the train ride seemed to drag out longer and longer every year. Stopping to look around as she took in her surroundings,she let out a content sigh . This place was her break from her Italian nightmare of a so called summer vacation. It had been a nightmare, of course seeing that both Vinnie and Sean had decided to ditch her and so inevitably doomed her to the worst summer.

But that was now all in the past she was ready to fully enjoy her third year without her parents interruptions. Interlacing her fingers she brought them up over head and stretched to loosen her stiff muscles, staying still was something she just wasn't good at.

Bringing her arms down and to her side she quirked her head to the side,as she spotted the usually hyper Gryffindor,though at this time she looked a bit down and a bit annoyed, Isabel wondered what had gotten to the Gryffindor,after all she didn't see Odessa around or any of his croonies.

Leaving her luggage she made her way over to her.

"hey Lex,you look a bit annoyed,what's up?" Isabel wasn't gonna ask her if she were alright clearly she wasn't.

There wasn't any point in looking for anyone to walk to the carriages with, when she thought about it she didn't know where Aidan was and Cassia...she hadn't even seen her on the platform. Expected really seeing as she was hiding but that didn't make it any better. Someone else she might have looked for was Alice but that kinda changed the moment she ate her chocolate frog.


She still wasn't looking forward to that.

Lex got through two steps before she heard someone talking to her, asking annoying questions. She turned slowly and took in the familiar Slytherin before her.

Was it that obvious? Pity. She couldn't leave things like that. This was NOT bothering her. No way. She didn't care, or well she was trying not to care therefore she couldn't look like there was something off. Lex rushed a smile onto her face, a grin really because those were more convincing. Everyone knew that. "Nah, I'm fine, just...not looking forward to the speech, you know?" And this conversation wasn't going to be about her either. "Ready for Third Year?" She wasn't. She hated it already.
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