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Originally Posted by sarahlooo View Post

Ivy was aware of his every movement... Just so you know. She kept her eyes on his. He definitely wanted something. Her eyes narrowed just barely when he asked about the umbrella vinora plant. She didn't know what she was expecting him to ask, but it definitely wasn't that. She remained quiet for a moment or two, remembering reading about it the dangerous plant within the castle walls of Hogwarts. "It's a plant with a mind of it's own. It likes to steal things, particularly... warm-blooded things." Ivy continued to study his face carefully. "Why do you ask?"
There, there it was. The question. A smile tugged at the corner of Erik's lips but this was not the time. His face showed a moment of impatience, not for her, but for himself.

"I ask because I have to ask." He continued to lead the dance in a small circle, with small steps. "Is there anything else to it? Country of origin? Favoured habitat?" It was too simple. He was suspicious...not that he was doubting Ivy's knowledge on the subject, just...the subject itself.

He had always hated Herbology and Potions for this reason. It just didn't make sense.
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