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NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Nooooo!! There were TOO MANY people in his the lab!! NO. Derek did NOT appreciate that at all. Even though it were only 3 more people.

He had silently slipped back into the room after the Elinor woman when he noticed she had ferns with her. The young man actually heard their last words and pursed his lips slightly. He did NOT like group work, but apparently he would have to deal with it this time... heavy sigh.

"Um..." Aaargh, his voice sounded louder than he wanted it to sound. "Um, I uh... have tested some plants from outside the Ministry as well..." To see if they had anything different from those inside the Minstry, because he was no Herbologist, so he needed to compare and all... "They um... they are fine." The plants from outside the Ministry, he meant. They understood him, right? Because he didn't want to keep talking.

The wand talk, though. Derek has caught himself thinking that the infected people were trying to get their magic back by... eating wands. Weird thought, and probably not very accurate, since they also munched on anything that was made of wood, so it probably didn't m-

Whathebloodyh- the thing was bubbling! Derek quickly approached the woman, forgetting completely he was surrounded by THREE PEOPLE, pulled his wand out and waved it in the air, making his other experiments get FAR AWAY from that bubbling thing. Ugh, how he hated sharing his a lab.

The bubbling was something interesting, though, and caught his attention. He eyed the other analysis nearby. "Are those the ones from the Ministry?" Derek asked the woman, pointing towards the other plant's analysis. "What exactly happened to those when you tested them?" Wait, had she tested them in any way yet?

OhMerlin, working in a group was SO FREAKING DIFFICULT. Ugh.
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